Design of furniture and organization of spaces that become dynamic and functional

From the creativity of Dahlia Design, FRAME is born, an innovative and multi-faceted structure that converts every environment into a dynamic and functional space. FRAME has an iron structure, whose design has been designed to meet different needs, from residential to commercial.

FRAME, it can be transformed into an original indoor and outdoor solution, as an exhibitor for shops, form for fittings and display cases, vase and planter, table, console, sofa, bed, stool, etc.

A single object that multiplying itself and making use of various accessories (wood, glass, plexiglass, etc.) lends itself to numerous uses.

FRAME is aimed at an eclectic audience, from design lovers who like to play with the furnishing of spaces, to brands, above all fashion ones, that intend to present their product in an original and effective way in store and showroom.


A demonstrative photogallery with some possible uses of FRAME