A Creative Duo that Transforms the Beauty of Flowers, the Energy of Spaces and the Equilibrium of Proportions in Emotions.

We liked to call ourselves Dahlia because dahlia in the language of flowers is a associated to elegance, dignity and gratitude, all values matching us.

We interprete spaces and set our creativity at the service of project, designing sceneries for events and weddings, with the full expressive freedom of flowers, and we produce custom corporate concepts taking care of the display image of shop windows, showroom interiors and trade fairs.

As a dahlia, which blooms opening its petals 360°, we explore different contexts and are responsive to every new source of inspiration.


Design of furniture and organization of spaces that become dynamic and functional.

From the creativity of Dahlia Design, FRAME is born, an innovative and multi-faceted structure that converts every environment into a dynamic and functional space.


Study and design of space, decorative layout creation, supply and rental of materials, flowers and location set-up.


Brand identity analysis and visual merchandising, display concept creation, production and installation of sceneries, product styling.