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Joy comes to us in ordinary moments.
We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing the extraordinary.
Brene Brown


Hi There!

It's Kaleigh! I wanted to share with you how I got here, in this space of inspiration. While in college, coffee running through my veins, I found a love for the vibe a coffee shop holds. I worked as a barista for close to 5 years and began to see the joy and peace a good drink can bring to anyone's day!

I've always felt a deep connection to my emotions and inner thoughts but as an adult navigating them through life often seemed so difficult. The last several years I've spent reflecting and journaling to help find my way through. I soon realized beside me was always a cup of coffee in a pretty mug or tumbler that meant something to me!

I want to bring light, inspiration, warmth and a big hug to this world. We all could use a little bit more! So, I designed this glassware with you in mind.

I imagine you opening your cabinet and reaching for a glass that fills your soul with happiness and wonder.  I can picture each glass sitting on an open shelf as a reminder to take time for you today.  A creamy iced coffee or a spiked lemonade would be the perfect sip for you to take in the moment and breath a sign of gratitude.

I am so happy you are here and cannot wait to see all the joy these glasses bring!

Love Always, K!

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